EricaTeen Challenge Student

Not too long ago, my life was just a mess. I grew up with an alcoholic dad, my parents were always fighting, and I began believing there was something wrong with me. I was put on all kinds of medications and by the time I was in middle school, I was using drugs every day. I believed nobody cared about my problems. I felt my life had no purpose – I was just there, and worthless. By the time I came to Teen Challenge, I was worn out and tired of fighting God. I knew there was so much more for me, but I didn’t think I was capable of achieving it. Slowly, but surely, God has completely restored my relationship with my family and my relationship with Him. Teen Challenge has taught me my life has purpose and it has meaning. I know there is hope for my life and I’m not worthless.

Funds raised by SuperThrift support students, like Erica, in the Teen Challenge program, giving them hope, strength, and purpose beyond a life controlled by addiction.